Tips & Advice

Do supply any timber other than the 4 listed under Timber Information?

Yes we do. We can source Cherry, Elm, Beech, Spalted Beech, Iroko, Red Oak and many more and machine them to your needs. We are trying at to give good value to you. This means we have to source the 4 timbers in bulk and have them in stock. We feel the choice given to you is a good one and should cover most projects that are being made. We can still quote for any other timber if you so desire.

If I make a mistake on one component of my project, can I re-order just the single piece?

We at are providing a service to you to help you complete your project. We will machine any order no matter how small (just be aware that you will have to pay the postage on that component). One piece of advice I can give is that if you feel there is a piece of your project that is very complicated, practice it first on a cheaper material until you master it and then proceed to the final component.

I am making dovetail drawers in my project, what woods would you advice to use?

The stock timbers we chose were all picked as they worked well with hand tools. Personally I like to go with Walnut on the drawer sides and maple on the drawers fronts, firstly because they both machine well and secondly the contrast between the 2 woods highlights your joint making skills.

Hi, I am making a coffee table for my leaving cert project and I was wondering how much waste I need to leave on my cutting list?

As all the timber that is sent out from is of guaranteed quality and exacting standards you would only need to allow example 20mm on the length of your support rail (remembering to include your tenon!) We deal with all the waste at source and deliver only the prime cuts to you.